Alzheimer’s Disease, Another Full-Time Job

We have posted before about how difficult it can be to balance caregiving for loved ones while holding down a regular job. The toll of juggling responsibilities can cause poor health for the caregiver, such as exhaustion, depression, and bad eating habits. [...]

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Taking Away the Car Keys

Having the talk with your elderly parents about driving is never easy. This article by Prairie Rose Care Management does a great job describing some of the difficult aspects of that situation. "A family meeting was called to discuss the [...]

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Falls: High Costs and Steeper Risks

One of the most recurring incidents among elders is falls. Each year, one third of elders aged 65 or older suffers a fall. While falling may seem a rather benign occurrence for most young and not-so-young people, the effects on older [...]

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Get Thee to a Doctor!

It is a natural part of life. But when the sadness persists and interferes with everyday life, it may be depression. Depression is not a normal part of growing older. It is a treatable medical illness, much like heart disease or [...]

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The Silent Scourge of Elder Suicide

I recently read about an elderly couple from West Allis who made a suicide pact. Virginia Wilcox suffered from Alzheimer’s and her husband Paul was her primary caregiver. Having been married for 48 years, they were entirely devoted to one another. [...]

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